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New global Moltres challenge for Pokémon Go

New global challenge for Moltres for Pokémon Go: so you can get the legendary bird of Kanto

Since Niantic For a long time, they have been offering different ways to get hold of the legendary Pokémon that have populated the different generations of the mythical saga. During August Raikou has been caught thanks to the normal challenges, and in September the same will happen with Entei. And, in addition, that same month you will have a special Moltres Day in which you can get hold of the legendary fire bird of the Kanto region.

How is it going to work? During September 1 and 2, the Safari Zone event in Yokosuka, Japan; and during September 3, globally; it will be time to work as a team. Stardust bonuses will be unlocked for both catching Pokémon and hatching eggs. and 3,000 stardusts are guaranteed per raid. On September 10, you will be able to get bonus Star Chunks.

And, if the challenge that will mark the game is completed, they will be received five raid passes to try and catch Moltres next September 8. The Legendary Bird will be available for 3 hours, even in Shiny. You will know the flying type movement Air Strike.

PvP battles for the end of the year, the next big update

Pokemon go keep moving forward and everything about challenges and forays is still running flat out without a hitch. This capture method for all Legendary Pokémon closely resembles what was hinted at in the original game trailers and was very well received by mobile game players as it offers a very straightforward way to get hold of rare creatures anywhere. part of the planet.

Otherwise, from Niantic they are still working on developing the popular title, which still has some systems to implement. Among them the player versus player combat. From the developer they are aware that their players ask to implement this mode, and they have already announced that it will be available by the end of this year. No clues have been given yet on how the matches will work out, although it is to be expected that they will differ from what is commonly done in gyms. The strategy must prevail over knowing who presses the screen faster, so it is the norm that they are taking time to develop the system.