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No more cheating, and no cheating, in Pokémon GO

That game that has made all users, both those who were fans of the well-known Pokémon franchise and those who are not, download the app and begin to capture creatures in their city, was also going to have to face challenges, as is logical. In this case, one of the most difficult challenges is cheating, or not cheating, that some players or developers have encountered. Now that is over.

Goodbye to cheating, and not cheating

Many of you will probably know services like PokeVision, or some similar ones, that told us exactly where the Pokémon were and how long they were going to be there. We just had to head there and find them. Well, Niantic is done with it. One of the problems is that the use of the Pokémon GO API made the servers have a very exaggerated demand compared to that of the users themselves, limiting the possibilities to launch the game in other countries, at least according to Niantic. In any case, it’s not funny to play like that either, right?

It seems that Niantic, and Nintendo, do not have among their plans to facilitate the game to users, but rather the opposite. Not only what can be considered a cheat has been eliminated, but also those things that are not cheats. This is the case, for example, of the reduction of space covered by the radar and the time it takes to update. We can no longer go by car or bus, and it is even difficult to go by bicycle and use Pokémon GO to locate Pokémon. Of course, this way the game is more fair and has more logic. Players’ chances are equalized. It seems that Niantic does not want there to be players with an advantage, and they will do everything possible to limit those possible cheats, we will see if it is possible to get it.