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not yet available on Android

Fake Fortnite apk files – a problem that’s shaking the internet

Don’t download Fortnite apk files. We repeat: do not download Fortnite apk files. The game is not yet available on Android and any file you download is a scam that can range from tricking you to display advertising and making money to steal your Fortnite account details as soon as you log in. All the apk files available today promising that you can play Fortnite on Android are a hoax.

It is important that you keep this in mind, especially if you have young children who are very fond of the game and who want to use it on their mobile. It is very dangerous to give access to third-party apk files that are not trusted, since you cannot even know the limit of their scope. All your data may be at risk the moment you install apk files of this class. So we repeat: do not install apk files as they are put in pe.

As an example of the extent to which some people want to take advantage of this situation, it is easy to see how promoted videos that promise a non-existent beta are reported on social networks. This tactic is intended to deceive more people, as you can see in the following tweet, although the original video has already been removed:

How to find out about the official release of Fortnite for Android

Epic games It promised that the most popular game of the moment would be launched on Android in summer 2018. Until then, we just have to wait, but finding out when its official launch will take place is quite simple. First, it will be published in the Play Store from Google under the official tab of the developer team. It will also be linked from the official Fortnite website. In the same way, the technology and video game media will duly report the launch, so you simply have to be attentive to ADSLZone, MovilZona, Range Caps o Android Help to know when it has actually been launched.

Finally, to get the real apk file, you have to wait for it to be published in the Play Store and then wait for it to upload to a trusted portal like APK Mirror. If on this website you search Fortnite right now, you will see that it does not return any results. When the official apk file is available, you will find it on this portal, where a secure download will be offered. Until then, arm yourself with patience or simply look for alternatives like PUBG Mobile or its version for PC.

Fake Fortnite apk files