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OnePlus is back to its old ways: your clipboard steals information

OnePlus steals data with its clipboard app

When we talk about “clipboard app«, We refer to the fact of selecting a text and copying. The place where the copied text is kept is the clipboard, and it lives there until we paste it. As a general rule, the copied should only remain on the clipboard, but OnePlus once again acts against the privacy of its users and sends the copied data to servers in China. It is one more scandal of the many that have been in recent months.

Elliot alderson, which has become the scourge of the company in shedding light on its privacy breaches and security bugs, has once again been in charge of reporting the process. Found a file called “Badword.txt” within the app clipboard, where categories that include messages, invoices, email addresses …

All data is pooled and sent to TeddyMobile, a Chinese company that has commercial ties with Vivo and OPPO, its parent company. Among the categories of data that they steal are data such as the IMEI number of your phone, your call number and all the hardware data, but it is also capable of reading all your messages, even identifying the recipient. But the worst thing is that they have a method dedicated exclusively to identifying bank numbers, so it is necessary to notify now of not copy the account number on a OnePlus phone.

OnePlus is no longer a recommended option if you are concerned about your privacy

At the beginning of October 2017, OnePlus’ first data leak. A month later, a security hole was detected that allowed anyone to root on OnePlus mobiles. In the same month it was discovered that the locations of its users were exposed. And to top it all, every six hours they sent all the data to servers in Singapore.

One after another, after another and again, OnePlus shows that you do not care about the privacy of your users. If you can, you will sell your consumer data and do it in every possible way, including bank accounts. If you care the least about your privacy, you shouldn’t buy or use a OnePlus phone. And if you have one, it’s time to think about replacing it or changing the system for a Custom ROM.