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PAC-MAN GEO update with new World Tour mode

It serves as an update 2.0 of the game, which means that it does not consist of simple improvements, but in the inclusion of more content and more playable elements. It stands out obviously for the gameplay that we have announced, but there are some other things that are also interesting.


World Tour, the new PAC-MAN GEO mode

For those still skeptical, PAC-MAN GEO is a kind of remastering with a change of perspective, where the game mechanics and the objective are the same, although the rest changes. And it is that we no longer have 2D maps created specifically for development, but we are going to use anywhere on the world map that we want. With a format similar to that of Mario Kart Tour, we will be able to use real locations that comprise the globe. The development uses the information obtained from Google Maps for its own world map scenario.

This is the fundamental pillar of the update and, therefore, the most prominent element. With this mode you can travel around the world, through 24 mazes that recreate the charm of each of the different locations. The cities can be traversed on grids and roads that radiate from the central roundabouts as if they were sunshine. There are many ways to play. In addition, by clearing all phases, players have the opportunity to participate in bonus rounds.

world tour pac-man geo

Another novelty in Pac-Man Geo 2.0 are the Skills. Bandai has incorporated new features so that you can conquer some especially tricky mazes. For example, with Aspire you will be able to absorb the Pac-Dots in places of difficult access and with Repel you can ward off ghosts when they have you surrounded.

The user interface has also been updated. Changes have been made to the size of the mazes displayed, allowing players to more easily see the location of ghosts and where they are going.

Kyoto Tour, an event with an expiration date

As we say, this update has basically focused on adding playable content that users can enjoy, leaving aside aesthetic appearances (apart from the one mentioned on the interface). In this way, it also adds a temporary event so that players can obtain exclusive benefits and rewards.

By decision of Bandai, a qualifying event will be held “Kyoto Tour”On the occasion of
release of the update. At this event, you will be able to walk the streets of Kyoto with PAC-MAN
to get rewards for a limited time. Obviously it will not be a recreation of the city of the Japanese city, but we will have the plans of the streets to walk with our kite. This content will be available from today March 30 until next April 11, so you just have to download the game now or update it from Google Play, if it is already on your mobile.