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PC Soccer 2018 revives the saga with a mobile version

PC Fútbol 2018: a multiplatform comeback

The return of PC Fútbol 2018 occurs by expanding its usual playing field. Although there will be a version for PC, the franchise puts its efforts in a version that we can play on our Android smartphones and tablets. In fact, it will first debut on this platform in November 2017, while the premiere for computers will take place once 2018 has entered.

IDC Games and Korner Entertainment are the developers of this new video game, which has former employees of Dinamic Multimedia and Gaelco, who will take care of the franchise in its glory years. And, if we talk about returns, we must not forget that of Michael Robinson, who will repeat as cover image.

Taking back the glory of 2001

Those responsible for this new installment know that they have a difficult task on their hands. PC Fútbol died with its 2005 installment, despite subsequent attempts to resurrect the brand, including rebrandings such as FX Fútbol or Football Club Simulator. To recover the essence, IDC Games and Korner Entertainment have decided to use PC Soccer 2001 as a base and model., the delivery best valued by users.

The main difference is that they have decided remove 3D simulator mode from matches. This means that you will not be able to play each match as if it were a FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer, but everything will focus on managing the players and your team. A bet that is due to the enormous quality of its competitors, which has led them to focus on what they consider most important.

As we have already said, PC Fútbol 2018 will be multiplatform, which will make Android, iOS and PC versions are supported. The price of the mobile versions is yet to be announced, but they assure from El Confidencial, the source of the news, which will be smaller than the old versions.

There will be nine leagues: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Mexican, American, Brazilian and Argentine. In the case of our league, it will include from Second B to First Division. Yes, not a single real name of clubs and players, but you can edit them all.

Finally, regarding their update plan, the developers assure that they will be adding modes. They mark a period of three months to live up to expectations, and they are being studied various game modes for the coming months and years.

A new PC Soccer for a new scenario

Beyond the surprise of a new PC Soccer that will be released in a month, highlights the bet that IDC Games and Korner Entertainment make for smartphones and tablets.

PC Soccer 2018 Logo

The football manager video game business has changed a lot in the last ten years. Direct rivals like Football Manager also have a mobile version, that in addition to a single payment for the purchase of the game, it offers micropayments to increase income.

The option they choose to monetize the new PC Fútbol 2018 remains to be seen, but the truth is that, after a long time gone, the franchise will have to adapt to a new scenario. If you succeed, it will be a matter of users welcoming you with open arms.