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Pocket Camp for Android, is now available in Spain

What is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp?

If the format of Animal Crossing It consisted of getting fully into the life of a character who arrives in a new city and had to both improve his house and socialize with his neighbors and the rest of the environment, now this concept is transferred to a camp, with the characteristics of such a place. The user will have a motorhome that he can customize to the maximum, and will have to get a series of materials to build basic aspects of the home (for this he will have to help the other people who are also around him in the camp). And of course, you can create your own character, with day and night cycle options to give the game a touch of reality, and there will be celebrations with different events.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, designed for socializing

The game is multiplayer, and allows you to visit the camps of our friends, where it will be possible to interact and even do business through the exchange of materials to build and advance in the camp.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game coins

Two different currencies are available. On the one hand we find the Bells (which can be obtained by playing and which is still a virtual currency to spend in different game scenarios), while the other is called Leaf Banknotes (which can also be obtained by enjoying the game, but these are totally real coins that, obviously, are obtained by paying cash). Although it is not necessary to play with Leaf Tickets, perhaps at specific moments they will serve to obtain materials or advance much more quickly.

How to download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for Android?

In Google play you can free download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. If you need advanced functions, there is the option to buy additional services from 1.09 euros. And it is that as we reported last October in Android Help, the Japanese developer Nintendo bets on free – to – play, including these small micro-payments for the generation of income and, therefore, in order to continue improving the product gradually.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp