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Pokémon GO allows you to take photos of your Pokémon with this new mode

This function is based on Augmented Reality technology, and add your Pokémon to the site where you are viewing your mobile camera, that is, similar to how the capture system works, but with the possibility of taking a photo of a Pokémon that you already have on your team.


A feature that users have asked for a lot, and that has finally reached the application natively, as some already did but with screenshots of their game, in a more rudimentary way. And now, in the short time this feature has been around, it’s causing a stir among users of this still popular game.

When you turn on the function, in-game call Snapshot, allows you to put the Pokémon wherever you want in your surroundings and even change the angle of view of your pocket monster so that your photograph is perfect. The options that it leaves you unleash the creativity of many users and that has been clearly seen on Instagram with the hashtag #gosnapshot, where people show their vision of the Pokémon world with fun photographs.

Photo taken from Instagram of the account @pokemonwatching

The examples on Instagram and other social networks or other social networks such as Twitter are growing exponentially, Will we see future stars of this style of photography?

Pokémon Go SnapshotPhoto taken from Instagram of the account @trainerspokeduo

Pokémon GO is still alive

It is clear that Niantic takes care of its users, and although after the boom initial Pokémon GO in 2016 the number of users has decreased, millions of users continue to play day by day. And is that In 2018, the number of gamers increased by 35% according to the company.

Updates have been regular since the game was released, at the moment we do not know what the future holds, but it is clear that the application is still healthy. A few months ago it was updating its Augmented Reality engine and updates are still in process, supporting all Android phones with ARCore.

Are you a Pokémon GO user? Could this be the reason you start to be or return to the game? Tell us!