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Pokémon GO is already the most successful mobile video game in history

Without being definitively released yet, which will likely unleash a total fever, Pokémon GO is already breaking records. And it has even gotten superior to games like the fireproof Candy Crush or its recent launch Pokémon Smile. In its first week of existence in the United States, it has generated revenues of 14 million dollars. Nintendo, The Pokémon Group, and Niantic Labs knew perfectly well that they were creating a revolutionary game.

Pokemon fever

Perhaps it is because I was one of those who grew up with the first season of Pokémon, or perhaps it is because I was one of those who wanted to be a Pokémon trainer with each of the versions that were released, and that is why now this game has a meaning special. Or perhaps it is simply because it has really become a true revolution wherever it is happening. Be that as it may, Pokémon GO and characters like Eevee are having great success. You just need to know that it is already the most successful mobile video game in history. In his first week he has reaped an income of 14 million dollars.

Of course, everything you touch turns to gold. Despite the fact that Nintendo does not take a large part of the profits from Pokémon GO, because Nintendo only owns part of The Pokémon Group, and the game is distributed among several companies, the truth is that Nintendo shares have risen a lot.

But all this is without talking about the future. And the reality is that right now it has only been officially launched in four countries: the United States, New Zealand, Australia and recently in Germany. We already expect the landing in Europe, and also in Asia, the native region of the game, actually. The great success of Pokémon in Asia could be total. And far from thinking that it will be something temporary, Pokémon GO still has a long way to go.

Sponsored PokéStops are coming, generating more revenue for the game. So get ready, because if you are already starting to get a little tired from hearing so much about Pokémon GO, it seems that it will not be a fever that will disappear in a short time.