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Pokémon GO loses users, but makes even more money

Pokémon GO does not die

It quickly became the most successful mobile game in history, by the number of users it got to play. It has been a phenomenon in the world of smartphones. And as such, the logical thing is that at some point the situation will normalize a bit and begin to lose regular users. It has happened, and many have already spoken of the “end” of Pokémon GO, or rather the end of that tremendous success that it seemed to be having. Error. Yes, it is true that the situation is somewhat more normal at the level of users, although they still have a very high number of them.

However, contrary to what one might think, Pokémon GO continues from strength to strength and under full sail. And if we measure by the number of users, we may receive some negative figures, but if we measure by the amount of money they earn, the opposite happens. Pokémon GO is now making more money from in-app purchases than before, when it supposedly had more users. In reality, the game is a money making machine. With that factor of competitiveness among users that means that by investing some money we can move forward more quickly, and with the large volume of users that it has, it is not surprising that the income that Niactic is obtaining is much higher than that obtained by other companies that stand out in the world of mobile games, such as King, or Google itself.

Even so, it seems that Pokémon GO has managed to open a door that was previously closed, and now users are more willing to spend some money on video games. And it is that with the growth in income of Pokémon GO there has also been a growth in income from in-app purchases by the rest of the companies, which means that far from being affected by the Pokémon GO effect, it is proving beneficial for all the mobile games industry.

We will see, yes, for how long Pokémon GO remains at the top. It is important that news begin to arrive at the game now so that it does not end up dying.