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Pokémon GO update: bonuses for medals, gym training …

Bonus for medals on Pokémon catches

One of the most important news that comes with the Pokémon GO update is that it will give us a bonus when capturing Pokémon depending on the medals we have. The different medals that we can earn, also called badges, we get when We reach a milestone by catching a certain number of Pokémon of a specific type.

For example, the “Swimmer” medal is given to us for capturing water-type Pokémon. exist three levels per medal. We will get the medal of bronze, silver or gold if we reach the different objectives, which could be 10, 50, 200… Pokémon of each type. Since the launch of the game this was like that, but it was worth very little. However now the medals are usefulWell, every medal we have will give us an extra points for each Pokémon that we capture of that particular type. This will favor that we focus on a type of Pokémon and have a goal when we look for what to capture.

Gym training

The gyms has been one of the least used elements so far in Pokémon GO. In principle they should be the center of the game, but they have not just taken off, being only interesting for users who play the most. That is now going to change, well Any user can leave a Pokémon in a gym on their team, and everything will no longer be limited to just one, but can leave up to six. The adversaries will adapt to the level of our Pokémon, so they can all improve, and all users will see benefits from using the gyms.

Enough news?

Even so, they don’t seem like a lot of news for a game that requires more extensive improvements. Either way, it is a step forward for the game, which continues without pause to try to preserve that great effect it had on its launch. It is still a widely used game by Pokémon fans and will probably remain so if the news keeps coming, although a big update is needed to change the way you play, or that it gives us, at least, the possibility of exchanging Pokémon or being able to compete against other users.

The new version that includes the aforementioned news is the 0.41.2 and it will be available today on the Google Play Store for all users with Android as the operating system.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go