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Pokémon GO will have an optional paid subscription

This model is already seen in other titles on the platform, just like Google Play has launched Play Pass. It seems that it is becoming more popular with users, as more content is used in a single payment than purchasing items separately in micropayments.

Pokemon go

A subscription hidden in the APK of Pokémon GO

So far, it is the strategy that the game has followed in terms of purchasing items in the store. This subscription is not official yet, since Niantic has not commented on it, but it is a hidden function that several players have surprisingly discovered. And it is that in the latest version released of its APK you can see this new function activated.

pokémon go optional paid subscription

It contains many more new features, such as those brought by the mega evolutions and we will have to see how it affects the time to rise in rank in the GO Fighting League. However and without a doubt this is one of the most important in the long-term development of the game. This is the version 0.185.0 which is not yet published in the Play Store, but that all the characteristics of the file will be presented in the next update flawlessly. This optional paid subscription has been found by a Reddit user in the new store to be implemented, where it can be purchased to enjoy numerous benefits that are still unknown, not even the price that it will cost.

Fan reactions for this optional subscription

These reactions have not been long in coming, since speculation and rumors about the advantages that are going to be obtained have skyrocketed. From boxes with additional or exclusive resources, to special investigations. Similarly, this has raised a certain fear among Pokémon Home users, which could affect the creature transfer between players and collateral higher spending of coins in exchanges.

Regarding the reasons for the implementation of this subscription, opinions are mixed. Pokémon GO players also fear that, as has happened in other exponents with the same system, it may happen that it forces them to uninstall the game and stop playing. Others, however, think that it may be a good opportunity to replace the typical micro-payment system and traditional reward boxes, as is a good option to avoid in-game ads.