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Pokémon GO will land on Android Wear, and will even be compatible with iPhone

When Apple announced its new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2, it also announced two exclusive releases, Super Mario Run for smartphones and Pokémon GO for the smartwatch. However, the truth is that they will have little exclusivity, because it will be temporary. If we already knew that Super Mario Run or Pokémon Smile would arrive on Android, now we know that Pokémon GO will also land on Android Wear. And it will even be compatible with the iPhone.

Pokémon GO on Android Wear

The truth is that having to carry the Pokémon GO application constantly running to be able to see the Pokémon that appear around us and capture them is a bit boring and has its complications, such as spending a lot of battery on our mobile. Being able to carry the game on your smartwatch would be a fantastic thing, and that’s precisely what Apple introduced when launching its new Apple Watch Series 2. Pokémon GO will run on Apple’s smartwatch. It was announced as an exclusive, but the truth is that it will be a temporary exclusive. And we have been able to know this because in the code of version 0.37 of the Pokémon GO application there are references to the connection of the application with Android Wear devices, which seems to confirm that this function will soon be available for smartphones with the operating system of Google.

In fact, the function with which we could use Pokémon GO with Android Wear smartwatches would go even further. Not only could we use Pokémon GO on an Android mobile, synchronizing it with a smart watch with Android Wear, but we could also use an Android Wear watch connected to an iPhone. We can use an iPhone with an Android watch, but for each of the applications, it depends on the developers having prepared the iPhone app to sync with an Android Wear watch. In this case, it seems that this will also be the case, so whether you play Pokémon GO on an Android or iPhone, have an Apple Watch or Android Wear, you can continue playing the Pokémon game on your smart watch.