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PokéStops in Pokémon GO: How to request its creation

It is a frustration that occurs globally. Many title players from Nintendo they find that, wherever they live, the game lacks stalls or gyms, forcing them to travel to more populated areas or large cities to get the most out of the game … or outright abandon it.

After conducting a good number of tests at specific locations, Niantic It launches its Wayfarer tool globally, something that we could translate in Spanish as “the walker”. Thanks to this, players can submit requests to create gyms and other items of interest wherever they want. So if you want to put a Poképarada right in front of your house to get objects without getting up from the sofa, now you have the best opportunity.

How to request a gym or PokéStop in Pokémon GO

Niantic’s idea is that players have the opportunity to submit applications for the creation of these key points of Pokemon go for possible approval. The program is now available worldwide, but this does not mean that all players can access it.

For create a PokéStop or gym in Pokemon GO the first requirement you must meet is to have a level 40 at least in the game. This limitation is so that Niantic is not flooded with requests from millions of players asking the company impossible. If you are a level 40, you probably already know how the whole framework of the Nintendo game works and your opinions are going to be superior, and better founded, than those of the average.

If you already have the maximum level required by the game, follow these steps to request the creation of these points of interest.

  1. Register in the Wayfarer program.
  2. Login to the website
  3. Request its creation in a specific area.

On paper it is a simple job, but for your request to be taken into account you must meet the following requirements:

  • It has to be a public place where players can access without any obstacles
  • Among the places to choose, priority is given to historical and cultural sites such as monuments, parks, libraries or places of worship.
  • You must attach photographs of the site you want to turn into a PokéStop or gym
  • Candidates must have pedestrian access.

If you try to propose schools, private residential property, cemeteries, medical centers or places that obstruct the path of entry to emergency services or are too close to military bases, airports, power plants or other constructions of state interest, your application will be immediately dismissed.

After sending the request, you just have to wait and see if Niantic takes your request into account and create a PokéStop or gym in the indicated place within Pokemon go, but the brand does not guarantee it 100%.

How to create PokéStops without being level 40

It is the main requirement to be able to create PokéStops in Pokémon GO, a requirement that takes a lot of time to get there. It is not easy at all to reach level 40, but there is a possibility to request PokéStops or Gyms from a much lower level, specifically from level 10.

ingress prime portals

Through Ingress Prime, Niantic’s other augmented reality game, can be obtained portals, that in Pokémon GO become Poképaradas. The maximum level in this game is up to 16, so from level 10 these portals can be redeemed. In this way, we can make double the requests between Pokémon GO and Ingress Prime.

Ingress Prime
Ingress Prime

Niantic’s big problem with PokéStops

This freedom in accessing requests to create PokéStops by users has caused Niantic to face several problems. Especially in the places considered cultural or historical, as well as in pedestrian areas. On more than one occasion he has been involved in legal problems with the owners of certain areas.

poképaradas pokémon go

And it is that the request does not take into account if the place It is located as a protected area, which makes it impossible to access the property and is classified as a burglary crime. It is something that has already happened in various places such as Chicago or Vietnam. In an attempt to solve this problem, Niantic created the ‘Pidgey Law’, forming an audit and a database to detect complaints of the same type and suddenly eliminate the Poképarada that is violating said law.

To avoid being eliminated from a PokéStop or Gym, we have to make sure that we do not occupy a park or protected natural area, especially in rural areas. To do this, some measures we can take is not to assault a fenced or fenced area, and prevent with a distance greater than 40 meters the distance to the protected area. That will avoid greater evils.