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remote raids, gifts and more

It has been Niantic herself, the developer of the video game, who has announced all the changes that have been integrated into Pokémon Go. Now you can do remote raids and you will continue to receive items from PokeStops, even without having any within your range.

What’s new in Pokémon Go: remote raids, gifts and more

For years now, in the Pokémon augmented reality game, we have daily events called raids. They take place in the same locations as gyms and allow us to face a high-level giant pokémon that is usually of greater rarity. But of course, since we can’t leave the house, this is practically impossible unless we were lucky enough to have useful apps that allow us to play Pokémon GO without leaving the sofa. Now Pokémon Go has fixed it with remote raids.

As the name of this type of incursion already indicates, we can do them remotely, without having to move from home. For this, we will need to have a remote raid pass in our inventory. This object it will be bought with 100 pokémonedas, although now we will have to see how we can get them without having to pay for them.

Pokémon Go’s remote raids will not disappear, but will be part of the game from now on. In a while, if we use a remote raid pass instead of moving to the area and using a normal pass, our pokémon will do less damage to rival.

Right now, we can’t visit PokeStops to gather materials, but we can capture some Pokémon. Therefore, we may end up running out of resources. Here comes another of the changes added in Pokémon Go: our companion will zoom in automatically to these places and will bring us gifts that he finds there. By sending gifts to our friends or receiving them, we will get resources.

Gifts in Pokémon Go

These have not been the only novelties in Pokémon Go. Now we can also increase combat points without limit of any of our Pokémon. There will be no limit when using stardust or candies. Again, it is a measure that has been taken so that users do not feel the need to leave their homes to search for better creatures.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Finally, Pokémon Go now also allows use multiple temporary objects (lucky egg, incense or piece of star) simultaneously to extend its use time, something that we could not do before, since we had to wait 30 minutes until its effects were used before using another.