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Rocket League for Android phones would arrive in the form of Turbo League

Turbo League, the Rocket League for Android mobiles

In fact, it is not that Turbo League can become something like the Rocket League for Android mobiles, is that precisely that is the goal like Teamfigth Tactics and LoL. The idea of ​​the game is exactly the same: cars that face other cars as a team to get the ball to reach the rival goal. But the fact is that even the name has been chosen with the clear objective of looking like a game clearly inspired by what is already a classic in video game tournaments. Now what can we expect from a game like Turbo league exactly? Well, what better way than to watch the video game presentation video to see for yourself.

As you can see, the key will be in small cars that appear to be remote control cars. The games will be 3 vs 3 players. And again, we find the possibility of jump and propel yourself to perform acrobatic blows or even to fly. The truth is that we do not believe that the fact that the game is so similar to Rocket league the developers are going to like it a lot, but be that as it may, users do want a game of this type to be available on mobile phones. And it is precisely in a social context where a game of this type has more logic. Its graphics don’t have to be exceptional either for a good gaming experience. The key is that the idea of ​​the game is exceptional, it has been very successful on the platforms it has launched on, and that is why it would also be so successful on mobile phones.

The game will also be free-to-play, so we can play for free to this one, though there will probably be in-app purchases to get improvements with which to sell to other users. We’ll see if Turbo League finally manages to meet expectations and really becomes a Rocket League for Android mobiles. It will also be available for iOS, and we can play with users of both operating systems in online games.