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Royal Revolt !, conquer all the towers and castles in your path

This is a strategy game … but offensive, since you must conquer each of the towers and castles that you find in your path with the warriors you have, which by the way can be of different types. That is to say, nothing to be conservative … far from it. In addition, although it is a game in which you have to “think a little”, the truth is that action is the predominant note once you have decided what you will do.

One of the most striking aspects are the graphics, which are in 3D and of good quality… But its most interesting detail is the art used, since it is very nice and with a certain childish touch that gives a very funny touch to the game and that combines perfectly with both the soundtrack and the type of addiction -Funny and intense- looking for the game developer, FlareGamers.

Simplicity and fun, all in one

One of the aspects that has been most cared for to ensure that all types of users can have fun from the first moment with Royal Revolt! is its handling. Controlling what to do is really easy, since the touch buttons that appear on the screen are quite large and well placed to use them.

Magic has a fundamental factor in the development of the game, for something the protagonist returns with the title of magician of an academy, so using it correctly is essential. By the way, you can improve and learn new spells, as well as upgrade your equipment. For now, they include 30 conquest missions, which is expected to increase little by little.

The game is free and can be downloaded at this link on Google Play. To be able you need a terminal with Android 2.2 or higher and, yes, 150 MB of free space (the graphics here rule). A good option to have fun that, if you give it a chance, you may end up “hooked”. We leave you a video so that you know better what Royal Revolt is like!