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Rugby Nations 16: all the flavor of the oval ball on your Android

This is a development in which the user manages the different components of a rugby team, in the purest style of the most popular football games. All this in a den environment three dimensions of quality (note that a terminal with at least 2 GB is needed to play with adequate fluency) and that, therefore, allows you to have the feeling of being inside a rugby field. Therefore, Rugby Nations 16 is possible to win from tournaments or play a Story Mode internship.

By the way, the management of this development is done entirely with the touch screen. Here at first there were doubts about usability, but the truth is that the system is very well worked, so it is quite simple and when you have been using Rugby Nations 16 for just five minutes, everything is already optimally controlled.

A nod to the Six Nations

This is a very nice detail of the game, since there is a special tournament currently in which you can play the matches that take place in the countries of the islands (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) to which France and Italy join. Obviously, there are more options to be able to play, whether they are friendly or world matches, so if you are one of those who follow this sport you will see all your needs well implemented.

Playing Rugby Nations 16 for ANdroid

An excellent detail about Rugby Nations 16 is that it is completely translated, so in less than ten minutes you know how to navigate through the different menus. In addition, the representation of the different teams that are outstanding in this sport has been done with success, since there are no errors when showing the kits and, neither, the physical appearance of the players themselves.


If you want to get Rugby Nations 16, you can get it with the image that we leave behind this paragraph. It costs absolutely nothing to get hold of this development and, simply to have Android 4.0 or higher, the requirements to use it are met.

Rugby Nations 16
Rugby Nations 16

The truth is that rugby lovers have a good option to enjoy this sport on their Android, and get a good experience with tackles, melés and all seasonings that make this game a singular spectacle. I personally liked it, even more now that the Six Nations is being played. Do you dare to play?

Rugby Nations 16 game graphics

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