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See Barcelona – Real Madrid from your Android or with Chromecast

“El Clásico” is here, the most important match of the first round of LaLiga will be played this Saturday at the Camp Nou, and of course, it is one of the sporting events of the year. How to see the Barcelona – Real Madrid from your Android? How to watch it on TV if you have a Chromecast?

See Barcelona – Real Madrid

In our case, we are going to focus on how to watch the game from the devices that you are most likely to have if you are reading this article. The game will be broadcast on beIN Sports, so you can watch it from the official application beIN CONNECT. If you have an Android mobile or tablet, you will only have to download the app on your device, log in with your beIN Sports data, and thus be able to see all the available channels, including, of course, the one about the Barcelona – Real Madrid match. this Saturday. If you have contracted a television service and have a beIN Sports subscription, you will be able to use this data without problems. If it is not your case, you can see the Barcelona – Real Madrid hiring now beIN Sports from its website, and using the account. Of course, you will have to hire at least a full month. The good thing is that you can also watch the rest of the games throughout the month.

Watch the game on your TV with Chromecast

If you also have a ChromecastPerhaps it is the ideal combination to watch the game on your television, through your smartphone. The applications available for Android and for iOS they include integration with Chromecast so you can directly send the game in streaming to your television screen very easily. In this way, you can see the Barcelona – Real Madrid on the big screen without having to contract any additional service, but simply by hiring beIN Sports, and having a Chromecast and an Android smartphone using the official beIN CONNECT app.