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Sega Forever, classic games for free on your Android

SEGA Forever will allow you to play classic games and reminisce about your childhood. For now there are five games available although new ones arrive every month. For now we can play Sonic The Hedgehog, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone, the fighting game Street of Rage, Kid Chameleon or Altered Beast.

There will be two different options to play Sega games from your mobile phone. An option for which we will pay two euros and we will not see any ads and another free option that will have ads. All games can be Play in offline mode and we will not have to be connected to WiFi or data.

It is not yet known what other games will be coming to Sega Forever soon but the company has confirmed that the classic Virtua Tennis Challenge will arrive, for example. At the moment these are Megadrive games althoughe in the promotional video of the service other consoles appear, such as the Dreamcast, the Saturn or the SG 1000.

To many of these games we could play from the mobile thanks to emulators or thanks to some versions released by the company itself but now they will be adapted with the essence of classic games, we can save the saved games in the cloud, there will be support for controls from the service or we will have score markers that will allow us to compare results with our friends or with other strangers from Internet.

The sega service will work through an Android application and also for iOS. To start using it, all you have to do is download it to your phone or tablet from the Google Play Store, where it will be available from tomorrow.