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Share your Android phone’s internet connection using Bluetooth

Generally this is done using the WiFi connectivity of the device in question, but there is the possibility of providing Internet access from your Android phone using the connectivity Bluetooth, which is also very widespread and is the only one that some accessories allow. Therefore, as an emergency solution it is a possibility, since the speed will not be the highest, but it does allow you to receive mail or messages without problems.

We go on to indicate the steps to be taken in the configuration of the device that has the Internet access (either data or WiFi) and, as you will see, these are not complicated at all or put the corresponding phone or tablet at risk.

What You Need To Do To Share Your Android Phone’s Internet Connection

First of all we want to indicate that the step by step is done with a device with Android KitKat, so in previous versions the options may be in other menus, and in case that is so we will give some indication about it. But, we have selected the commented configuration because it is the simplest and the most common in devices with Android operating system.

Wifi zone and USB modem section Options in the Wi-Fi zone and USB modem section

The first thing you should do is access the System Settings and, in them, select Wi-Fi Zone and USB modem (in many models this is in the More networks section). Once here you must review the options that appear and, among them, there will be one called Bluetooth modem, which will be the one you will have to use.

When selected, Bluetooth visibility is activated so that devices that need the Internet access from your Android phone They can locate your terminal and start with a regular link (with the sending of codes as usual). In any case, this in some models is not done automatically, so it is important to check that wireless connectivity is activated.

Bluetooth Modem Option Activate the Bluetooth Modem

Now, all you have to do is access the mobile device and use it as a modem to access the Internet, which is even possible on a computer. For example, on a PC, the phone or tablet must be added to the devices from the Control Panel and it will gain internet connectivity from your Android phone. As you have seen a simple process that, by the way, you should not stop eliminating at the moment when you are not going to continue using, since others could connect.

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