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Some users banned from Pokémon GO may return … others will never return

Pokémon GO has been a phenomenon in the world of mobile video games. In fact, many users began looking for tricks with which to advance faster or get better Pokémon. However, Niantic soon began to ban these users who used cheats and were cheating. Now some of them have been able to return, but others will never return.

PokéMesh is saved

Services such as PokéMesh or PokéRadar, which were used to locate where the Pokémon were, seem to have been saved, and users who used them have the opportunity to return to the game, as long as they agree not to use a service of this type. We assume that using it again will mean a permanent ban in the game. However, the reason why these bans have been canceled has to do with the fact that these services affected the game servers, but did not offer a much more special advantage to the players over that of the others, beyond the to be able to locate Pokémon faster in their own city.

Permanent bans

Even so, some bans are still in effect, and according to Niantic they will be permanent. These bans are the ones that have given users the possibility to modify the place where they are to move to another city and to be able to capture Pokémon that are not available in our city, or at least they are not so easy to get. These users will continue to be permanently banned, so they will never be able to use the video game again. We assume, of course, that they will have no problem creating a new account and using the game with another account. This means having to start from scratch, with no Pokémon and without any experience, but in any case, that will lead to no longer using these types of tricks to get Pokémon from other regions, or to move from one place to another very quickly. and unfairly.