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Spartan Wars, online strategy set in ancient Greece

Unlike other games of this type, success is achieved through conquest… something that is quite adapted to what happened in the confrontations between the Greek polis. Of course, to get an army properly you have to handle the economy and adjust the progress to the type of game you want to play. Therefore, the right balance must be struck.

An interesting factor that provides some randomness to Spartan Wars is the performance of the gods … who can help the player to achieve their goals or, otherwise, delay their achievement … the gods are like that.

A great option: play online

Graphics are not the most important thing in these types of games, but that does not mean that they are not taken care of in Spartan Wars. Within the simplicity they offer, the truth is that they are well finished and they are striking (the animations that are seen are quite curious). As far as the soundtrack is concerned, it fulfills its mission, but with the passage of time it stops being interesting and, therefore, it is very possible that the music will eventually turn off.

But if there is an interesting detail in Spartan Wars, it is the possibility of competing with other users in a on-line, so this game can be considered as MMO … or, at least very similar. The fact is that this ensures a lot of playing time and, of course, entertainment.

These are some of the characteristics of this title:

  • Compatible with phones and tablets
  • It’s a collect and craft type of game
  • The gods have up to 100 skills
  • Different types of troops
  • Diplomacy is interesting
  • exist caves with enemies unexpected to explore

The Spartan Wars game can be downloaded at this link from Google Play so free. And to enjoy it, you only need to have 44 MB of free space and Android 2.2 or higher operating system … and, the truth is, it’s worth it.