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Speed ​​Test, new app to measure the quality of your connection

High speed

Before, if we were lucky, our connection could have a speed of between 0 and 20 Mbps. Today, however, that has changed a lot, and we can now go up to 200 Mbps. This makes everything that works around our connection liable to be modified. This is what happened with the speed tests which, by the way, also have a lot of prominence when we talk about measuring speed. However, it is curious that many speed tests still do not exceed 50 Mbps when measuring speed. It is something that will not happen to you with the new application of the ADSLZone Group –group to which Android Ayuda belongs–, which is already adapted for the new speeds, regardless of whether you have a connection that does not reach 5 Mbps, or if you already have a very high 4G speed and you get close to 200 Mbps.

The application will tell you the upload and download speed, as well as the ping of the connection. The meter clock will tell you during the analysis the connection speed it has. The process is carried out with five different nodes, from Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Jazztel and Telecable, so the precision will be greater than what you will have with a speed test that connects to third party servers or located in other places. of the world. Of course, you can store the different analyzes you carry out so that you can later see the difference in all of them.

Free and optimized

One can only recommend one of these applications when they have tried it and know that it works well. And in this case we have to say that, indeed, the application works very well. In fact, we have had something to do with the application debugging process regarding the latest errors, so we are quite confident that you will not be able to find any errors. The application is called Speed ​​Test Plus, because it is a new, different version of the Speed ​​Test that we launched in 2011, and that we are going to keep for those of you who want to save the analysis history.

Google Play – Speed ​​Test Plus