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Subway Surfers, the popular iOS game, comes to Android

One of the platform games, more specifically running and jumping, on the iOS platform is Subway Surfers. Luckily for Android users, it just came to this operating system. And it is obvious that more and more titles are migrating from Apple’s platform to Google’s in search of a greater number of users.

In this game, you put yourself in the shoes of a boy named Jake, who is a born criminal, who is running away from a train inspector and the one accompanied by a dog with very bad fleas. In order to escape, you will have to go from car to car of the corresponding train and, if you are skilled enough, you will be able to escape and… go to the next level.

Jump, run … the key is to escape

To escape the relentless pursuer, you can run, jump, dodge … Definitely, Subway Sufers tries to combine movements, as far as our fingers allow. Also, you can go collecting the coins that you meet on the way and then exchange them for objects that will help you at key moments in the game. In other words, a “lifelong” platform game.

But there is a detail that makes Subway Surfers different from other games of the same style: being able to use a Hoveboard, which is a surfboard that does not use wheels (the most “carcas” will remember it from the second installment of the movie Back to the Future). With it, everything will be much simpler and, in addition, it allows you to carry out actions of all kinds in which physics must be taken into account, which speaks very well of the design and development of this game.

So that you can see first-hand what the game is like, here is a video:

Subway Surfers is completely free, and you need to have the version installed Android 2.2 or higher to be able to use it. In addition, it is necessary to have 22 MB of free space on the device and, in case you are interested in trying it, you can download it from this link from Google Play.