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that’s what the OnePlus fast charge will be called

Goodbye to Dash Charge: Trademarks are to blame

Since OnePlus started using fast charging, it had accompanied the name Dash Charge. It was a way to differentiate its method from the rest of the competitors, and a way to highlight fast charging as one more function to enjoy in a OnePlus if you decided to get one. The brand took a deep dive and identified itself as part of the company and its products … until the arrival of OnePlus 6, where we saw how it was replaced by a much simpler “loading quickly”.

The move came as a surprise at first, as there was no logic behind it. However, shortly afterwards it became known that OnePlus had not been able to register the trademark Dash Charge in the European Union. The motives? It looked a lot like Bragi’s The Dash Pro trademark and Amazon’s Dash Replenishment trademark. As a result of not being able to exploit the trademark, they started to withdraw it and have already started registering a new one: Warp Charge.

Warp Charge: this is what the OnePlus fast charge will be called

The image you see above corresponds to the trademark registration data Warp Charge from OnePlus. It is still under review, so it cannot be considered property of the Chinese company until it is accepted. The registration has been done in the European Union, which is where they had problems. The section under which this mark is registered (Nice class 9.35) corresponds to electronic devices and cables. Specifically, OnePlus wants to register the trademark for the following:

«Data cables; power adapters; mobile phone battery chargers; electrical adapters; electric batteries; chargers for electric batteries, wireless chargers’.

It highlights the fact that OnePlus decide to register the trademark for wireless chargers as well, since no current device of yours uses wireless charging. Even so, for the moment what is relevant is the attempt to register the trademark which, except for surprise, should succeed. Hereinafter fast charging OnePlus will be called Warp Charge, and this will be a name that we will begin to see more and more in the products and promotions of the Chinese company.