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The 2nd generation would arrive in Pokémon GO on December 7 with Starbucks

Pokémon GO on December 7

Apparently, the new alliance would occur between the developer of Pokémon GO and the chain of coffee shops Starbucks. To determine if this would affect the locations of the cafeteria worldwide, or only in a specific country, as has happened in Japan with McDonald’s. Be that as it may, the supposed agreement between the two companies, filtered by an employee who would have received information about this, does confirm the date on which the collaboration would begin on the occasion of, as we can read, “Pokemon Version 2”.

It seems logical that it would be the arrival of the update with the second generation of Pokémon, and that the December 7th, a date that fits with what is known so far, and that made us think that December would be the planned release date. Now we need not only the month, but also the day. That means we are less than a month away from receiving the most relevant Pokémon GO update that has been released so far.

Starbucks as PokéStop

Although we are not clear what the consequences of collaboration between Starbucks and Pokémon GO, it seems that all coffee shops could become PokéStops in the game. Besides that, there would be a special recipe Pokémon Frappuccino, which would be available in coffee shops. The objective is clear, to use the boom of the second generation launch to attract more users in the coffee shops. What remains to be seen is whether the deal will affect the whole world, or all the countries with the company’s coffee shops, or just some countries. The supposed internal email is in English, so it seems logical that it would be from an Anglo-Saxon country. The fact that data appears from a collaboration with Verizon, an operator in the United States, leads us to think that this could mainly affect the American country. We will see if also to Spain.

Either way, the December 7th It seems the date chosen to launch the update with the 2nd generation of Pokémon in the game that has already become the mobile phenomenon, Pokemon go. It will arrive with battles between users, and Pokémon exchange, among other novelties.