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The 4 different types of Pokémon GO players

1.- The one who had never played Pokémon before and learns how to capture them

Let’s go to the most basic profile, that of that player who had never played any game in the series before, and now has decided to play Pokémon GO because there are many people playing the game. For all those players, catching any Pokémon is already an achievement. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Zubat and there are thousands of them in that area. It is an achievement that a Pokémon has appeared, that it is now on the screen, and that it knows how to throw a Pokéball to capture it. For all of them that is already an achievement, and actually that is fine. From there they will have to decide whether to continue learning more about the game, or settle for going in from time to time to see if any more Pokémon appear. This is the user who had no idea about Pokémon and joins the hype. He can’t even pronounce the names of the Pokémon.

2.- He who captures a few, gets a few points, evolves a few, but gets nothing

The second profile is one of the most common. It is for those users for whom Pokémon is relatively well known. Perhaps they have not played much or have not seen the series of pictures. But they are clear about who Charmander, Pikachu and Squirtel are. They enter the game, and on their way to and from work they approach Poképaradas to get Pokéballs and other objectives. They get some interesting Pokémon, they improve them a bit, they spend some time understanding how the game works, but in the end they don’t have a major part in it. Right now, everything is based on gyms and mastering them, and they are of such high level, that you cannot even consider competing with the Pokémon that are there. However, this type of user could evolve into a more advanced user if he ends up mastering the remaining elements of the game to know, and if he takes advantage of the time well, in addition to having enough time to be able to improve his Pokémon up to the level enough to be able to compete in a gym.

3.- The one who wants to capture them all

This should be the classic Pokémon user, the ultimate user, so to speak. The series was born with the aim of capturing them all, and it should be the same in the case of Pokémon GO, although it is not. However, there are users who do focus solely on capturing all Pokémon and who are interested in capturing different Pokémon. Right now, only those of the first generation of Pokémon are available, that is, the first 150. However, there are only 142 that can be captured in the game. We must bear in mind that there are legendary Pokémon and some others that cannot be obtained yet and that will probably be available in the future. Be that as it may, if you are one of those who wants to capture them all, you are one of the classic players, although you will not be the one who will participate the most in Pokémon GO.

4.- The one who dominates the gyms

And it is that the novelty of Pokémon GO has more to do with Ingress, Niantic’s game, than with the Pokémon itself. There are gyms, and you have to compete with the Pokémon there from each of the Pokémon GO trainers. You are part of one of three teams available, and you must dominate gyms with your Pokémon. For that you have to dedicate time, improve your Pokémon, have them prepared, and prevent others from coming to attack the areas you dominate. He is another type of player, a player more focused on the game, and who knows all the details of it, such as which are the best Pokémon, how to train them better, how to spend resources in the best way.

What kind of player are you?