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The applications that Apple offers for your mobile with Android

In Android we have a myriad of apps that work fantastically well and do a myriad of different things. Among them we find those of Google that come already with the mobile, like Gmail, which is in my opinion the best email client or Maps, which I also think is the best map application on the market, but, although I think that as a general rule Google makes the best applications, because there really is no one who coughs them up on software issues.

But on the contrary, Manzana has proprietary apps that are available to Android, although they are very few, they can be really essential for certain things in which Google does not have its own option, either because it has not yet entered or because they are applications that only work with products of Manzana that if we want to use we will have no choice but to go through the hoop and download applications from the company of the bitten apple and of those applications we will talk about the Apple applications that are available for Android.

Beats, for your Apple brand headphones

If you have Beats headphones, this app is basically a must. It allows you to access several very useful configuration and customization options to be able to leave your headphones or headphones to your liking.


Apple Music, in case you’re tired of Spotify

Apple Music
Apple Music

I think it will come as no surprise to anyone if I say that Spotify is the most used music application, now, you may have tired of always using the same application, and in this case I’m talking about Apple Music as an alternative to the classic music app.

The truth is that the application of Manzana It has been quite a pleasant surprise, not only does it have more content but in my opinion it has a more attractive design. But all that glitters is not gold, the truth is that the application is not very stable and is a bit slow. But if you are tired of Spotify I think it is a very good option.

As soon as you start the application you will have to log in with your account Manzana and if you have not done so yet, choose and pay a payment plan, which luckily has the same prices as Spotify and now you can access the more than 45 million songs that Apple Music offers. And of course you can download the songs you want to be able to listen to them without having access to Internet.

Move to iOS, if you want to go from Android to iOS this will help you

Go to iOS
Go to iOS

We end this short list with Move to iOS which is a very useful application if for some reason you want to switch from a mobile with Android to one with iOS so you can pass all the information from one phone to another. This application has a very simple operation, on the first screen we have a iPhone with the app logo with a description of the application’s utility, then we will click on «Continue», on the next screen we will have the terms and conditions that we will have to read carefully and accept to continue with the app. In the next step we will have to go to the phone with iOS and in settings we will look for «Transfer data from Android»And save the code, then we go back to Android and we enter the code and follow the instructions and the information transfer will begin.

The truth is that the applications it offers us Manzana for Android do not find an alternative so we will have to swallow our pride and install the options of Manzana It should be noted that they are excellent, so you can check them out.