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the classic in mobile version and with interesting news

Neither story mode nor zombies

The history mode CoD has been losing weight to such an extent that in its mobile version, in Call of Duty Mobile, it does not exist. We have available the multiplayer mode typical with Frontline, Team Duel, Practice (vs. AI), Dominance, and Search and Destroy options. These last two are unlocked at level 5. The available maps are Crash, Killhouse, Crossfire, Nuketown and Hijacked. In addition to this we have the mode Battle royale, which is already an essential requirement for any shooter.

But we don’t have the zombies mode, neither solo nor in multiplayer, which for years has been one of the most appreciated by players. And the truth is that everything that Activision wants to offer us is not yet available. There will be future updates to add content and also game modes, but at no time have they commented that there are plans to launch a zombie mode in Call of Duty Mobile for mobile devices.

A Call of Duty adapted to the mobile in every way

From the moment we access Call of Duty Mobile for the first time we will realize it, because it asks us to do login with Facebook. And when the game actually kicks in, we will once again be aware of the work Activision has done to adapt the format for smartphones. The ‘spam’ With the offers and options of your store it becomes a bombardment at the start of the game, which gradually becomes silent until it stops being annoying, because this game is free to play. That is, we can download and play it free, but we can extend the experience with paid content.

We have credits and of CoD points, both ‘internal currencies’ that will allow us to buy objects in the store and that will give us the option to buy the premium pass. In it, as in any other similar game, we will have exclusive rewards available as we level up, playing games in multiplayer mode or in Battle Royale mode indistinctly.

Not a video game for touch controls

Any shooter, for very ‘Arcadian’ whatever, it’s really complicated to handle in touch screen. While it is true that Activision has made an effort to adapt the controls, and we have two possible methods to be able to point and shoot, as well as move, It is not comfortable. It is a video game that, if we really want to enjoy, and if we do not want to get tired of losing bullets in the air, we must play with a I send for our smartphone or tablet.

Even the controller is not the most accurate in the world to play a true Call of Duty shooter; the ideal would be to do it with keyboard and mouse, but these peripherals are usually reserved for computer users. Above all, because on mobile it already implies having to establish ourselves on a surface. The knob, however, can be used ‘in mobility’, as long as it has the corresponding support to have to hold the remote only and exclusively.

Call of Duty Mobile is almost everything we would have expected from a good CoD on mobile

Is a back to the classic In all rules. A return to the most successful Call of Duty, and that are really what defines the franchise. But there are news like the Battle Royale mode that are well implemented. As we mentioned before, the only thing that is missing is having a zombies mode. The way they have adapted the video game to the format free to play of mobile devices is excellent, and perhaps the only criticism is the ‘spam’ right after starting the game, trying to convince us to spend in the store.

You do not need to spend absolutely nothing, but also the battle pass it has been implemented in a really good way. If we want more cosmetics to be able to enjoy in the video game, this is the way to get them. And still, we have a good assortment of rewards to get without spending a single penny, following the typical form of any Call of Duty as we gain experience as a player and use each weapon.

Call of Duty®: Mobile