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The Drowing, a different title in which not only zombies are killed

We have already commented on more than one occasion that games that have the theme of killing zombies are almost always a success among users, and more so if they are first-person shooter. Well, by early 2013 the developer DeNA will launch a new title called The Drowing that, according to them mimes, “switch to”The concept of games of this type for touch devices.

The setting of this title is based on a post-apocalyptic world in which the undead roam the earth and, therefore, you have to kill all of them in order to survive. The truth is that, at this point, it does not differ much from the games of this type that can be found for Android … but this is not the case for two reasons: the first is that the graphics that The Drowing will have are really spectacular (therefore, it is normal that only the latest generation terminals are compatible) and, most importantly, the argument is logical and coherent and therefore the immersion when playing is total.

But, the best example is a video in which you can see hints of how much and good this development will include:

Different from others

As you can see in the video, the story is essential when playing … you don’t have to randomly kill the zombies (that you can) that appear on the screen, since this really does not help, but you have to keep moving forward until you reach the final goal, which is to discover what is happening and find a safe place. By the way, even enemies die in a different way than usual …

For now there is no exact date for the arrival of The Drowing to the Android operating system, but it has been confirmed that it will arrive. Yes, early 2013 it will be when it is safely available. It is also not known if it will be free or will have some kind of cost … but if it is the second case, we must remember what happened with Dead Trigger: it began as a paid and, finally, they had to put it free on Google Play.