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The game Baldur’s Gate II comes to Android devices and is now in the Play Store

This is a game in which the user is immersed in the world of Dungeons & DragonsTherefore, on the path of the characters that are used, all kinds of monsters will appear that must be killed and, of course, weapons of all kinds to use. Therefore, we speak of role of the “old school”, the fantasy in which skeletons and other types of “undead” swarm at ease and must be eliminated to get the final loot (and get rid of the wizard Irenicus, everything has to be said).

A detail that is not exactly very striking is that the price of Baldur’s Gate II is nothing less than 8.99 euros and also has built inside shopping (although not many as we discuss later). Regarding compatibility, the minimum requirements are Android 3.0 or higher and the space it occupies is variable, but it is not exactly little, we have already announced.

The version for Google’s operating system of this popular game includes the original campaign Shadows of Amn and additionally the following expansions: Trone of Bhaal, The Black Pits II and Fist of the Fallen. Besides, it is possible to buy inside Baldur’s Gate II more options such as A Voice in the Dark, A Prince Paid in Blood and In Defense of the Wild. Ie all the possibilities that once were present in the computer game.

Action in the game Baldur's Gate II

Isometric graphics

Well yes, these are the ones used in the title to be able to control all the members of your group of characters (there are all kinds). Despite being an adaptation of the original title, Baldur’s Gate II for Android the game interface has been redesigned in part to make the most of touch screens (yes, in my case the use of the mouse is almost essential). The sound, as always, is of good quality and fits both your soundtrack and the effects on offer.

A highly recommended game, especially for those who once enjoyed it and now want to use it on Android devices, where the role of “a lifetime” is present. If you want to get Baldur´s Gate II you can do it at this link and, to discover other titles for the Google operating system, we recommend the following section of Android Help.