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The hidden game in the Chrome browser of a dinosaur now available in the Play Store

For those who do not remember exactly what to do in this game, it is simple and, at the same time, fun: you take the control a dinosaur that runs across the screen and has to jump and dodge everything that appears on it (something that is done simply by clicking on the panel). That is, a casual game that does not require great attention but that allows you to pass the time.

His name: Dino Run – Dinosty

This is a game that does not need great technological displays to be able to use it and, an example of what I say is that simply by Android 2.3 or higher and 9 MB it is possible to install it. When it comes to running, even with single-core phones and tablets it works perfectly. The fact is that due to the success and recognition that it has had when it has been known that it was hidden in the Chrome browser, it has been decided to remove it individually by its developer: ConceptLab.

Home Hidden Dinosaur Game in Chrome

As for the game, you should not expect much in terms of graphics and sound in Dino Run – Dinosty, since the former are very simple and in black and white (no special effects when jumping, for example) and the sound should hardly be considered a completely simple and almost obligatory presence.

Download and install

If you want to get the game hidden in the Chrome browser, it is possible to do it in this link from Play Store at no cost. It should not be expected of him to be the definitive title, but some fun time is achieved with him (even with children, since its use is very simple). Other developments for the Google operating system can be found in this section of Android Help.