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The infinite rate Sinfín de Yoigo with 20 GB returns in December

The infinite rates for calls and data have become really interesting rates for users to be able to call as much as they want. One of the most notable rates was the Sinfín de Yoigo with 20 GB of data. This rate disappeared, but now it returns, available only in December.

20 GB Yoigo endless

The rate that Yoigo launched was really successful, but it was limited in time, so all the users who did not hire it, could not contract it later, having to contract other more expensive, or less interesting options. However, Yoigo has announced that the 20 GB Sinfín rate will return in December of this year. Of course, you can only hire it in December, and then it will disappear, so if you are interested in this rate, it would be better to hire it as soon as possible.

Unlimited calls, 20 GB, 29 euros

Yoigo’s 20GB Auger is characterized by three main aspects. The first one is that it has infinite calls. That is, we will not have to pay for the calls we make. All are included in the rate itself. Second, it has a 20 GB mobile Internet connection. If we have a next-generation smartphone, it is very likely that a 1 GB rate is very little, and that hiring a rate of 2 GB or more already implies having to make a considerable expense. Yoigo’s 20 GB Sinfín rate is not cheap, because it costs 29 euros per month, but it is economical if we take into account all the options you have. In fact, hiring a 5 GB data rate with other operators would already be more expensive than hiring this 20 GB rate. That is why it becomes such an interesting rate that it will be available to users who carry out a portability or new registration in Yoigo in December. They have not confirmed whether this rate can also be requested by users who are already Yoigo, or users who already have a contract with an infinite rate, such as the infinite 8 GB that Yoigo already had. It can be contracted from December 1 to December 31 of this year 2015.