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The Lenovo and Motorola union does not seem to have the expected success

Motorola was one of the few “emerging” companies, of which it was not a giant, that achieved good popularity results among users. It was synonymous with success and perhaps that is why Lenovo decided to buy the company. However, it seems that they have not managed to obtain the expected results of this purchase.

Lenovo loses sales

Specifically, one of Lenovo’s problems last year is that its sales have declined. And in a very remarkable way. Lenovo’s profit for the fourth quarter of last year was $ 9.1 billion, down 19% from the previous year, a steep loss considering that it shouldn’t have happened when counting now with one more company. Furthermore, it is even more relevant if we take into account that the profits for the full year represent a decrease of 3%. In other words, the big drop in profits occurred in the fourth quarter of the year, when Motorola was already integrated into Lenovo. And in the words of the company itself, the acquisition of Motorola has not met expected expectations.

Lenovo has no relevant financial problems at the moment, but its problems do have to do with the future. What are you planning to do to regain your place in the market? After all, by last year the union of Motorola and Lenovo led the company to be in the TOP 5 of smartphone manufacturers. At this time, the market has changed. Lenovo and Motorola are no longer in the TOP 5, even though they seemed like the contenders to compete with Apple and Samsung alongside Xiaomi. The two have disappeared from those first 5, and now we find Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, these last two less known until not so long ago, and that have managed to gain distance with respect to Lenovo and Motorola.

We will see if mobiles like the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus manage to change this situation.