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The most tactical RPG of the saga for Android

Unlike other titles in the series (or Square Enix itself), this game is completely free to download. It does not get rid of in-app purchases (gacha elements) to improve content, of course, but it is good to know that from the beginning we do not have to fork out money.


Dragon Quest Tact, the most tactical RPG you will find in the saga

This installment of the saga is very different from the others also in terms of playability, because it bets on a Tactical RPG in which we take control of a group of monsters that we move around a board in the form of squares. This mechanism is used to move them around the stage and make them fight against each other in turn-based battles. A system that is very familiar to Teamfight Tactics, which also works in turns and with movement by squares. This board has 3D graphics we move to our units, with a gameplay that promises that it is quick to start playing, but with a lot of depth.

dragon quest tact graphics

To obtain victory it is necessary to decide well which monsters will fight side by side so that the group is balanced enough taking into account the levels, statistics and abilities of each one in the different confrontations that will have to be fought during the history of this adventure. The idea that we must have of this game is that not because it is free, Square Enix takes it less seriously, since the development has been led by Yuji Horii, creator of the saga, with music by Koichi Sugiyama, a regular composer of the saga, and with designs by Akira Toriyama.

One detail that we did not like is the language, since it does not happen as in other options in the saga (in the case of Dragon Quest of the Stars), in which everything was translated into Spanish. In this case no, so we have to settle for englishunless you can read Chinese or Korean. With the popularity enjoyed by the saga in Spain and Latin America, including Spanish is mandatory.

An RPG to play with automatic mode

Dragon Quest Tact offers a very simple experience, with the idea that it is easily playable for any type of user, even for those who do not know the history of the saga. One point in its favor is that, before starting the first game, we can make different settings to get the best performance of the game on mobile. You can make some cool adjustments like having the always-on display, simplified graphics or skip irrelevant scenes from the story. Nor will we find ads at any time during the experience.

dragon quest tact games

Once we get fully into the story, we have the typical opening battle to learn the controls and fighting mechanics. It has no loss, since it consists of selecting the box where to position ourselves and choosing the enemy we are going to attack. Each character we have has a basic attack and a special ability, although in the section »Party» From the main menu you can learn new skills as well as upgrade equipment or team up with monsters.

dragon quest tact menu

A fairly simple main menu that provides access to all available game modes. Obviously the main story will help us to unlock the rest of the modes, but the truth is that the game does not fall short in terms of variety. Dragon Quest Tact offers missions in temporary events, a »Battle Road» game mode where we will face waves of enemies, trainings to improve skills or increase the character’s rank, and “Sand”, to compete with other players.