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The Samsung Galaxy S10 with three cameras would be its own model

Samsung Galaxy S10 with triple camera: a third model for the Korean flagship

He Samsung Galaxy S10 promises to be an exciting device for the Korean company. The terminal will be the tenth iteration of the Galaxy S line, the company’s main and the most successful. To celebrate the occasion, the various technologies that will be used are already being discussed: improved 3D facial sensor, fingerprint sensor under the screen, sound screen … and the latest rumor indicates the existence of a third model that would stand out for having a triple camera.

samsung galaxy s9 dxomark review

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S10 It would point to the trend set by mobiles such as the Huawei P20 Pro, which stood out with the best camera on the market according to DxOMark, unseating, precisely, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. And why use three lenses? For a matter of space. There comes a time when lenses cannot be reduced further, but it is still necessary to capture more information and more light. For this, a triple chamber configuration is used which helps to achieve more crystalline results.

Three models, how many differences?

In the case of Samsung Galaxy S10 with a triple camera, we would be talking about the most premium model. In total, the device would have three models. Would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 to dry, the basic model of 5’8 inches. Then there would be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, with 6.2 inches of screen. And then the third model would remain, which we could call Samsung Galaxy S10 Pro, which would be the one with the highest price and the one that would have a triple camera.

Galaxy S10 with triple camera

The inclusion of this third objective would lead, in principle, to a sale price that would exceed 1,000 euros. In turn, it is worth asking how the rest of the technologies that we mentioned at the beginning of the article would be distributed. In the past we have seen how, for example, Samsung I reserved the dual camera for the Plus model. It would not be strange then to see how the basic version is satisfied with a single camera, also on this occasion. The 3D facial sensor would be shared by all, since it replaces the iris scanner, but the sound screen and the fingerprint sensor under the screen could be reserved for the two higher-end models.