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The Samsung Galaxy S9 has support for Project Treble, what does it mean?

Project Treble, what does it mean?

During Google I / O 2017, the search engine announced a restructuring of the Android base architecture. What does this mean? It means that you put in place a plan to end Android fragmentation. The summary of the new system is that it goes from needing to modify all the parts to having different modules, maintaining a common base between Android updates and updating the process of implementing new versions.

This is great news for the fight against fragmentation in Android, since it supposes to lighten the steps and reduces the elements that must be modified. However, there is a but, and in the case of Project Treble, the but is that devices must be made compatible with this system. If no support is established for Project Treble, the new system is useless, the manufacturer depends on the old method to update Android and nothing is improved.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will have support for Project Treble

Luckily for everyone, the Korean company has implemented support for the new system in its new range tops. The Samsung Galaxy S9 with Project Treble are a reality, and they are very good news for all Android users. Those who get the Galaxy S9 will receive updates faster, and will probably receive more versions of the system. At the end of the day it will still be dependent on Samsung, but manufacturers are aware of the need for up-to-date software. If not, let them tell Nokia and their total commitment to Android Go and Android One.

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It should be noted that the new terminals that are launched with Android Oreo must give mandatory support to Treble, but not those that are updated from a previous version of the system. Samsung could have chosen to launch its new phones with Nougat and later upgrade to Oreo, but it hasn’t.

It seems that the South Korean company is coming with big changes, such as with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The fact that Samsung, one of the leading manufacturers of Android – and in the minds of many users the leading brand – is also betting on this system, is a good boost for Google’s tactic. It only remains for the rest of the brand’s great rivals to take the necessary steps to do the same and Treble expands.