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Video analysis BQ Aquaris X2 Pro: Android One leads the way

BQ Aquaris X2 Pro video analysis: Android One leads the way

He BQ Aquaris X2 Pro It is the most premium terminal of the last presented by BQ. It has Android One as the operating system, guaranteeing a pure Android experience and with guaranteed updates. And the rest of the sections? Find out in the video analysis of the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro from Android YouTube channel Help:

Key points of the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

Next we go on to reel off the key points of the video analysis of the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro:

  • Design: Despite not being a real screen, the truth is that the device greatly reduces the frames and offers a large front with 18: 9 format. The physical buttons are very well assembled. The glass back gets dirty easily. The fingerprint sensor is very large and works very well.
  • Camera: In BQ they aim at the dual camera, with a main lens of 12 MP and a secondary lens of 5 MP, being able to take pictures with effect bokeh. At night he takes pretty good pictures, without being extraordinary. Video recording has problems with optical stabilization, but records in 4K. Daytime photography is quality, with very natural results.
    • The selfie camera has a dedicated flash.
  • Screen: The 5.55-inch screen has Full HD + resolution and 18: 9 ratio. It does not disappoint, although the maximum brightness outdoors could improve. Good color representation. No weak point.
  • Audio: A very good sound, but the maximum volume distorts a lot, so it is advisable to place it one notch lower to have a good experience. With headphones it also offers good audio.
    • It has a headphone jack port.
  • Hardware: The main processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, accompanied by an Adreno 512 graphics processor. It has two models: 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage or 6 GB and 128 GB respectively. It offers great performance, in large part thanks to the software. It falters with demanding games if there are many apps in the background, but the results are very good.
  • Software: Android One offers a pure and fluid experience. Android 8.1 Oreo as standard. In the end they are all advantages and there are hardly any BQ applications, no bloatware.

BQ Aquaris X2 Pro video analysis

Features of the BQ Aquaris X2 Pro

  • Screen: 5’65 inches.
  • Main processor: Snapdragon 660.
  • Graphics processor: Adreno 512.
  • RAM: 4 or 6 GB.
  • Internal storage: 64 or 128 GB.
  • Rear camera: 12 MP + 5 MP.
  • Frontal camera: 8 MP.
  • Drums: 3.1000 mAh.
  • OS: Android 8.1 Oreo with Android One.