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War and strategy game with 3D graphics

The idea of ​​the game we are talking about is not new, since on the one hand there is a phase in which you have to do everything possible to have the best possible army and, then, there is another in which the battle itself takes place . The fact is that everything is quite simple to understand something that is achieved among other things due to the excellent assistant that is included in Army Men Strike and, in addition, the development is completely translated and with great quality … something that is not always the case.

Army Men Strike

Army Men Strike, a game to go back to the past

Graphically Army Men Strike is a title that is not bad, it includes striking creations that recreate the soldiers of plastic used by children (such as those seen in the Toy Story movies) and green is the predominant color. The rivals, by the way, have a bronze tone that makes them unmistakable. The fact is that in our tests we have verified that everything works really well and, even, this is so in device with only two gigabytes of RAM and a quad-core processor. A good job done.

With a soundtrack that we liked a lot, since it fits the theme, and the use of all the options is simple thanks to its simple interface, focusing everything on the battlefield. This, at least in our opinion, makes it advisable to use Army Men Strike with a terminal that has a panel of, at least, 5.5 inch. The fact is that with what has been said and taking into account everything that the game offers, it is a good option as a pastime between hours, since it has game modes that do not need an internet connection.

If we want something more competitive, we have the online mode to play with friends. The game has two options, similar to Clash Royale, where you can join clans to play games against other players and in real time. It is a modality that we can put into practice once the game has started, with groups of up to 50 people capacity and with built-in chat. On the other hand, we can create the group ourselves, but we need the chapter 4 of missions completed.

army men strike clans

As a good war game and based on military life, it establishes different ranks within the clan. The more games we play and the more progress we make in the story, the faster we climb. The positions are, from highest to lowest, General, Colonel, Lieutenant, Sergeant Major and Sergeant. It is important to join a clan and play, as we will get higher gold rewards and accelerate improvements in the military base

What is this strategy game about

As we have said, there are two phases that development has, in the first one of management is where they go evolving troops, you can create options that allow you to get new ones and it is even possible to train. Here you have to have a good precision, since it is not strange to fail when pressing since there are quite a lot of elements that appear in the Interface with the progress that is achieved. The buttons, of course, are clear when it comes to differentiating them and, here, the essential thing is not to waste the points and coins that you have.

In the second, we must try and improve our military base to ward off invaders, both in missions and in duels against other players. We can build fortifications, improve defenses as well as troop transport vehicles. That will help make it more difficult for a player to invade us to destroy the base.

In the proper phase of battle, there are not as many options as in most real-time strategy games. Here what is done is to deploy the troops in the places established for it -represented with arrows- so that the units advance to destroy everything in their path. Here all you can do is use the bombs that you have and that depend on the place where you click and … apart from this, little more than having patience, something that looks like other equally tactical titles like Age of Empires.

Army Men Strike, so you can download this game

This development, which is achieved free, it is possible to download it in the Samsung application store and also in Play Store. The truth is that it is a good possibility to have a good time without complications for those who like strategy games that run on terminals that use the operating system Android.