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What are survival items and how to use them

Garena Free Fire: The Cobra

All survival items

From the Free Fire main menu, before starting the games, you can select various survival objects that will accompany you once you enter to play. These fall into two categories, the objects of survival and the objects basic. Note that you can only equip one of each type. Following, we show you all the survival and basic items you can choose from before the game.

Wood fire

  • Object type: of survival.
  • What is it for: the character will place a bonfire on the ground where he and his allies will have part of their HP recovered and will also complete part of their EP.

Call Airdrop

  • Object type: of survival.
  • What is it for: After the start of the game, an Airdrop begins to load and in a few minutes it is enabled to be used. When used, the character throws a flag indicating where the Airdrop will land.

airdrops free fire

Treasure map

  • Object type: of survival.
  • What is it for: While on the plane, you can activate the Treasure Map to randomly place a box of items especially for you on the map. These boxes have very good equipment to get a head start.

Treasure token

  • Object type: of survival.
  • What is it for: When you kill the first opponent, additional items will be placed in the downed opponent’s loot box.

Armor box

  • Object type: basic.
  • What is it for: start the game with a vest or helmet below level 1.

Supply box

  • Object type: basic.
  • What is it for: start the game with a first aid kit or random bullet type.


  • Object type: basic.
  • What is it for: The game begins with an additional capacity of 30 teams.


  • Object type: basic.
  • What is it for: when you start the game you will see how many people are still on the plane, and after jumping you can see the enemies near you on the map until you hit the ground.

All equippable items

Throughout the games you can come across many useful objects and items that will serve you in different ways to progress. It is the main difference it has with respect to survival objects, since we cannot choose them from the menu before starting the game.

Bulletproof vests

In terms of protection, the featured objects are the vests which will give you more armor and allow you to survive longer to the shots of your enemies. exist 4 levels of bulletproof vests (If they are damaged, try to change them for others in better condition).

  • Level 1 Vest: they are the most basic. They reduce the impact of bullets by 33% and their durability is 190.
  • Tier 2 Vest: brown in color. They reduce the impact of bullets by 50% and their durability is 225.
  • Tier 3 Vest: with camouflage look. They reduce the impact of bullets by 66% and their durability is 260.
  • Tier 4 Vest: They can only be obtained by leveling up a level 3 vest or through tokens or treasure maps. They reduce the impact of bullets by 70% and their durability is 290 (it can be armored to improve it even more).


The helmets they are another type of basic protection objects. In this case there are 4 types of helmets different:

  • Level 1 helmet: Green color. They reduce the impact of bullets by 33% and their durability is 70.
  • Level 2 Helmet: with camouflage aesthetics. They reduce the impact of bullets by 45% and their durability is 115.
  • Level 3 Helmet: of metal. They reduce the impact of bullets by 57% and their durability is 240.
  • Level 4 Helmet: provides a higher level of protection and its durability is 273.

Repair and upgrade kit

There are a couple of items that help us to repair our objects protection and even improve them of level. These are the following:

  • Vest upgrade kit: allow you to upgrade the level of the vests.
  • Repair kit: allow to repair damaged protection, give 100 points back to vests and helmets.


In Free Fire we have various camouflages that work as tools to try to hide from our enemies. These help to go more unnoticed on stage. These are the available camouflages:

  • Bush: It is usually found in the special boxes that are thrown from the sky during the game, or through the Airdrop. Its shape is ideal for hiding in plain sight in the field.
  • Box: It is only available in the classic game mode, it serves to camouflage yourself as if you were a wooden box.
  • Oil barrel: it can be found in a multitude of random places.


The backpacks They are a very useful type of item since thanks to them we can expand our inventory slots available and therefore carry more items in the game. These are the backpacks:

  • Tier 1 Backpack: its storage capacity is 200 points.
  • Tier 2 backpack: It is brown, its storage capacity is 300 points.
  • Tier 3 Backpack: It is camouflage, its storage capacity is 400 points.

free fire backpacks


Throughout the Parkland of the maps, in which there is grass and field, we can find different mushrooms or mushrooms that when consuming them they give us EP points. They are not large in size, but are well identifiable by their brightness. There are these mushrooms:

  • Level 1 mushroom: awards 50 EP points.
  • Level 2 mushroom: awards 75 EP points.
  • Level 3 mushroom: awards 100 EP points.
  • Level 4 mushroom: awards 200 EP points.

Healing items

Among the main healing items of the game during the battles we have the following:

  • First aid box: recovers 75 health points (takes 4 seconds to apply).
  • Inhaler: It recovers 25 points of health and up to 150 points of EP.
  • Healing Gun: It allows you to recover the life of your teammates (it does not work with yourself).

How to equip items

It is very easy to choose the objects and equip them before starting the game. We simply have to access some menus to get to them, so it doesn’t have much of a mystery.

  1. In the button »Start»Where we can enter the room to start a game, we have icons right next to said fire items
  2. If we click, the game will take us to another menu where we find all the objects, being able to choose the one that best suits our style.
  3. Choosing a survival object and a basic one, you just have to click on »Confirm» to carry it out in a game.