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WhatsApp Beta news: this will be the search for stickers

WhatsApp beta news: this will be the future search for stickers

First of all, it should be noted that this function is currently not available even if you download the corresponding version – something you can learn to do with our tutorial to find and download application betas. All the elements that we are going to show you today will be available in the medium and long term, since they are part of the new stickers function that WhatsApp is working on implementing.

So, how will this search for stickers work? It will be implemented in the photo editing screen present when we try to send multimedia content. For some time now, the chat application has incorporated an editor that allows us to add gifs and emoticons to the photographs we take. When we enter that screen, a new search bar above the new stickers section.

his functioning it has no mystery (a search bar is one of the simplest and most widely used tools on the entire web). Click on it, type a keyword and the application will return some matching results:

WhatsApp Beta search stickers

It is also possible that the search fails and WhatsApp not be able to return any results based on the words entered. In these cases we will find this screen, which will indicate with some humor the lack of options:

WhatsApp Beta search stickers

Where to find the new WhatsApp sticker search when active

Open your app WhatsApp Beta and enter into a conversation, either individually or in a group. Click on the clip and select Gallery to send an image of your choice or click on the camera to take a picture and capture an image. When you get to the send multimedia screen, you will see several buttons in the upper area. Click on the smiley face that represents the emoticons and you will be on the stickers screen. The search bar will be in front of you in the upper area.

For the rest, it only remains to wait. WhatsApp has not set any official activation date and, like so many other functions, it only remains to wait for updates from the Play Store or changes in the changelog to check if it is active.