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With Kiwi you will use “the Force” on an Android Wear smartwatch to control your phone

In this way, as if it were a Jedi from the Star Wars saga, it is possible to tell the phone that it is paired with the smartwatch what you want it to do. An example is that by moving the arm from side to side, it is possible to stop or start the playback of content such as songs. The truth is that, at the very least, it is nice to be able to do this.

Apart from how fun the way to use the application is, it must be said that it allows you to configure many of its sections. For example, the different movements that it recognizes, such as Karate chop or Uppercut They can be configured with different options available in Android Wear, such as answering a call or multimedia control. Besides, there is a small explanation in the form of a drawing of how the movement in question should be performed.

Kiwi usage options for Android Wear

Regarding compatibility, the creators confirm its full functionality with the Nexus 5, but according to them the vast majority of terminals, such as those from LG or Samsung, should not give any problem when using Kiwi. By the way, it must be said that the user interface is very simple and that its execution does not reduce the performance of the corresponding smartwatch.

ApplciaciónKiwi on smartwatch with Android Wear

If you want to download the Kiwi application for Android Wear, you can do it at this link without having to pay absolutely nothing for it. The current development version is 1.3.1 and some bugs in recognizing movements have been corrected. Regarding the space that this development occupies in the smartwatch, this is 8.8 MB, so it is not exactly a problem to give it a try and that someone may think that “the Force” is present in you (watch out for those midichlorians …). The truth is that there are developments for this type of most curious smart watches, such as turning its interface into that of the Fantastic Car clock.