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Xiaomi Spain opens its new website and prepares its physical store

Xiaomi Spain opens its new website and prepares for the launch

Under the motto «Change the game», Xiaomi quotes us for next November 7 for its official launch party. There are 11 days left for the official opening of the new store, which will be located in the La Vaguada Shopping Center in Madrid. It remains to be confirmed if there will finally be another store in the Xanadú Shopping Center, which would redouble the company’s position in our country.

The announcement has been made through the Xiaomi official website in Spanish, which in turn activated the new MIUI Spanish community. On the web page we can see a counter going back to the launch event, as well as the possibility of registering to participate. You can do it until November 3 at 23:00, and the capacity will be limited to 150 people. As well two customer service services are now available, through an email or through a chat on the web.

First products on sale

Along with all this, the confirmation of some of the first products that we can buy in the new physical stores of Xiaomi Spain has also arrived. The first one is, of course, one of your mobile phones.

Specifically, we are talking about Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Prime, the best of the smartphones of that line of the company. Interestingly, the second of the products is a Ninebot One like the one you see in the promotional image of the website.

Promo Ninebot One from Xiaomi Spain

For the rest, it only remains to wait for 20:15 on November 7, at which time the countdown ends. Lucky registrants will be able to enjoy what Xiaomi offers at the launch event, which will probably include the possibility of trying the two aforementioned devices, as well as others that may be commercialized.

Xiaomi Spain opens its new website and its new store while Xiaomi opens throughout Europe. The bet in Spain seems more than firm, so it only remains for users to support it so that it becomes a tough competitor in the market for smartphones and other devices in our country.