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You can now capture the legendary Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go

Capture Ho-Oh for the next two weeks

Ho-oh will be available for capture during the raids of the next two weeks. Specifically, until December 12 you can join other players to try to get hold of this legendary Pokémon that was presented in Pokémon Gold and Silver in 1999. To capture these special Pokémon usually requires a large group of trainers, since they are especially powerful.

On previous occasions, other legendary Pokémon such as Zapdos, Entei or Lugia have been available. This is the first time that Ho-oh will be available to players around the world, which is in addition to another Global Challenge rewardLike Farfetch’d being available to shoot superbly around the globe for two days.

Pokémon Go has been a success since its launch in summer 2016, and since Niantic Labs they haven’t stopped updating the game, as a simple glance at the list of updates on your website. Whether in mechanics, rewards or performance, Pokémon Go remains a benchmark in terms of Android games. In fact, Niantic has received a capital injection of $ 200 million looking forward to your next game based on the license of Harry Potter.

A benchmark model for the rest of the games

The truth is that on mobile platforms few games can boast of figures similar to Pokemon go. The closest cases that are remembered would be that of Candy crush, that of Clash of Clans or the first installments of the already forgotten franchise of angry Birds.

The model free-to-play Pokémon Go has been much more effective than other Nintendo licenses such as Super Mario Run, which uses a single payment. The Japanese company itself seems to be aware of this, and the new Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been launched under the same micro-payment model. Other alternatives like GameStash are still on the horizon, waiting to see their effects.

If you are a regular player of Pokemon goRemember that you have until December 12 to get hold of Ho-oh. If you have never tried the game, you can download it from the Play Store:

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