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You have no idea about Pokémon but want to play Pokémon GO? All you have to know


Pokémon are creatures with animal-like characteristics. Initially there were 150 different ones. More generations of Pokémon were arriving and different more were added until reaching a number of a few hundred. It is difficult to know them all because those of us who live in a Pokémon era are more attached to those of one generation than those of another. Also, the oldest are the best known. Charmander or Pikáchu sounds to everyone.

You have to capture them all

From the first game, from the first chapter of the series, and so on in each of the games and television series, the objective of Pokémon has been to meet and capture them all. To each and every one of those who exist. Thus, the objective in Pokémon GO is the same, find them all and capture them. Sure, we are not talking about 150 Pokémon. We are probably talking about all generations of Pokémon, and over time more and more will be unlocked. Another way to have more characters is to evolve pokemon like Eevee and other creatures, this will increase the ones we have in the pokédex.

Pokémon battles

To catch more Pokémon you have to train them, for them to improve they have to enter a Pokémon battle. Usually in gyms you will get Pokémon medals if you manage to beat the gym leaders. These are usually challenges for your Pokémon, but it is part of the Pokémon development process and a trainer.

Types of Pokémon

Now, you will have to know how to choose the best Pokémon to fight at all times. There are different types of Pokémon. Regardless of whether a higher or stronger Pokémon has a better chance of beating one of a lower level, keep in mind that the different types of Pokémon and attacks influence its effectiveness. For example, Water Pokémon are not very effective against Grass Pokémon, while Fire Pokémon are very effective against Grass Pokémon. In turn, those of the water type are very effective against those of fire. You will have to get to know each of the types and which one is effective in each case. Here is the knowledge you have of Pokémon and the one that you acquire over time.

Pokemon go

The objective in Pokémon GO is to earn money

If you notice, Pokémon GO is free for users. The servers are expensive. Still, you don’t have to pay to play. However, the goal of developers is to make money. So you should keep it in mind when you are playing. The objective of the game is to capture Pokémon, for that they need Pokéballs… Can you imagine how they expect to collect money? Effectively. 10 Pokéballs cost 1 euro. It is true that we can get Pokéballs in the game without spending money. But that implies having to make more efforts, visits more Pokeparadas, etc. Whoever wants to go quickly in the game will be able to spend more money, whoever does not, will be able to go little by little, but it is proven that users end up spending money in the games in the end, and Pokémon GO is going to be one of those that generates the most benefits .

That said, keep in mind that items you should not waste. The Pokéballs will be very valuable. Avoid losing them for no reason, failing to catch a Pokémon, for example. At first you will think that you have many, but the difficulty of any Pokémon game is always exponential. Easy at first, extremely difficult as you progress. If you’ve never played any Pokémon games and Pokémon GO is your first, keep one last thing in mind. This is new to everyone. Having played the previous games does not give special advantages, so you have the opportunity to become the best Pokémon trainer in the world.