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Your phone will no longer be unlocked with the command “OK Google”

«OK Google»Is the catchphrase to activate the Google voice assistant, implemented for years, and also, it has been a way to unlock your phone with the Voice Match, that is, it registered your voice and when it coincided with what it has registered, it was unlocked. Something very useful if your hands are busy, dirty, etc. but we will no longer have this option.

Many users used this option to unlock the phone when their hands were full or when they couldn’t look at the screen for the phone to dictate. As always, there have been complaints and praise, although the criticism has not been few.

But hey, let’s not get upset, there are changes in the application, we will tell you in detail how they are going so that you know exactly how it works.

What’s new in voice unlocking

Yes, we will lose voice unlocking, since Google considers that it was not entirely reliable since the voice could be confused and the interaction with the assistant could tell you confidential data to other people than the owner of the phone, even listening to them. Now this has changed.

Before, when pronouncing “OK Google”, the phone was unlocked and the Google voice assistant opened, now Google Assistant will open but without unlocking the mobile and accessing the system. Anyway you can check the time or commands similar to those you did before, but apart from the Voice Match there are more options that have been removed for security reasons.

On the left the new unlocking system and on the right the old one

Now without the unlocked screen you will not be able to access options such as:

  • Email, including Gmail results such as flight reservations or invoices
  • Google Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Reminders
  • Shopping lists

And in general, anything that is related to personal data will not be accessible without unlocking, to prevent people around you from hearing it or being able to access this information.

Some users have complained that Voice Match cannot be reactivated manually to unlock the phone, since they actively and regularly used this unlocking system. Anyway, there are other alternatives in the form of assistants, which will continue to include that voice unlocking. Many people who use their phones in this way when driving have expressed dissatisfaction, especially at not being able to call by voice commands while behind the wheel.

What do you think? Was it a good decision? Was it a bad decision? Perhaps the best option would be to put some options to clarify what you want to do and what not.