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Zombie Evil, quickly kill all the undead that appear

The graphic aspect is perfectly taken care of as regards the “eschatological” so that even the children can play (even the aspect is very cartoonish for the little ones in the house). Regarding the zombies themselves that appear on the terminal screen, they are not too scary, which reinforces what we have indicated. Therefore, this development can be considered for all audiences, although the truth is that we recommend that it be used from the age of seven.

As for the handling of Zombie Evil, everything that can be said is indicative of simplicity. As you do not have to move the character at any time, you only have to control where you are pointing when shooting, so your simplicity In this section it allows that in less than three minutes everything of the game is controlled without problems. That is, by firing the weapon that is active – you can get more by buying them – using the touch screen of the Android terminal. As simple as that.

As for what must be achieved to go from phase to phase, the objective is clear: kill all the zombies that appear on the screen, regardless of their shape or location. For it shoots from left to right as appropriate and, in addition, you can do some more things such as changing the weapon or executing special actions with options such as missile firing (when things go wrong … extreme solutions are best).

Zombie Evil Game

By the way, to be able to get new weapons or special actions you have to get money. And how is this accomplished? Simple: when the different phases of Zombie Evil are overcome, at the end earn coins According to the efficiency achieved and, in addition, the points when killing the undead – and the combos achieved – also allow you to win the “vile metal” to be able to obtain new weapons.

Fat, skinny zombies … and even dogs

Despite the cartoon aesthetic, Zombie Evil is still a game where the undead are important… despite being the target of bullets. For this reason there are different types of zombies that due to their difficulty appear as the levels are overcome. There are some that have little resistance, the basic ones; those who are fast, who are already dead dogs; and, of course, some with a somewhat creepy appearance since they are very fat and can withstand many impacts (they are a headache).

Special action in Zombie Evil

One detail that should be known is that once a standard phase is passed, there is a final “rush” where the intensity is increased and that is what separates victory from defeat. In addition, this is where it is most important to have powerful weapons and additional special actions. In short, as in any action game worth its salt: kill well and you will receive your reward.

Victory in Zombie Evil

The Zombie Evil game can be obtained both in Samsung Apps like in Google play, being in both cases totally free, so there is no excuse for at least not trying it. As for the requirements to install it, these are 23.86 MB of free space and Android 2.2 or higher, something that is the most common today. For the fluidity to be adequate, in the tests we carried out it was very clear that you must have a terminal with a processor and … little else. Without a doubt, this title is fun, simple and, as it does not imply having to spend a lot of time in each game, it is a very attractive “casual” development.

Zombie Evil Table

Download Zombie Evil from Samsung Apps.